what kinda water pump would do ?

hey guys im working on a little project and i need a water pump to finish my work but i do not know what kinda pump do  i need , ive built several pumps but none seems to work well and i cant go too high because i need the minimum power ... heres the sketch i made for you , can anyone help me ? i need to suck the water though green pipe and pump the water back to tank  through that red pipe ..

Picture of what kinda water pump would do ?
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canucksgirl5 years ago
What sort of pump have you tried? Were they just not strong enough?

How is the "container" positioned in relation to the "water tank"? i.e., Do you need a second pump to return water to the "container" or can gravity do that?

What diameter pipe are you wanting to use?

What psi or how many gallons per minute do you need the pump to move water?

How large is the "container"?

(Sorry about all the questions... It will help to know a little more about what you need).
MeemSe (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
tnx for answering , the positions are exactly like the sketch , and container is almost a cube with something about 40cm size , and its full of water too but that water is not relative to anything ..
and about about the maximum power it doesnt have any maximum rate im just trying to use the minimum possible to get results ,
about that my best pump has a 30w engine but i think the problem is not engine , i think the problem is within its propeller and i want to change it to a boat type .. any thoughts ?
and the suction pipe splits to 5 inside the tank and i need all those 5 to do the suction as well
Something like this should work. Its a submersible pump, thats designed for constant use. I would think you'd have to put it into the "container" and allow it to discharge to the "water tank" (from above). The constant draw of the pump (at the "container") should pull the water from the "water tank" via gravity (and the force from the pump). If I'm reading the spec's right, the flow rate should be around 1,800GPH.

I hope that helps. 
MeemSe (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
tnx a lot i but its too big for my little space in container and i think i have an idea that works here , im going to make a boat propeller and add it to my 30w waterpump its tightly closed so its gonna suck the water and then the pump does the rest .. i dont know if its been made before but heres what i have in mind
and im gonna start building the model if it worked ill let you know . what you think about it ?
There are propellor water pumps on the market, so I don't see why yours wouldn't work, as long as you can get sufficient speed and suction from it. So it may be enough to add to your existing water pump. I'd suggest a quick Google search (maybe just through images), so that you can see some options (in case you haven't fully designed your concept yet).

If you get it working well, I would also suggest that you publish an Instructable on it, so that others could follow your plans. The bonus, is that if your project is "featured", you'll earn yourself FREE Pro Membership, and then you're able to download Instructables and Guides from the site. There are many contests going on all the time as well, so have a look in case you want to enter. ;-)

(Also, don't forget to mark your question as "answered" at some point by clicking on a blue button).
Almost forgot... what's the maximum power your project can use for the pump(s)?
Re-design5 years ago
Just find a small pump that will pump the capacity you need.
MeemSe (author)  Re-design5 years ago
i already tried few pumps they cant do the job its against gravity as you see in the picture