what knex sets do you have??????????

I have a large lot of knex. i have about 14000 knex. how much do you have?

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Shadowman397 years ago
Here they are! :-D

-Collect & Build Semi Truck
-50 Model Building Set
-A small building set (don't know the name)
-Vertical Vengeance
-Rippin' Roscket
-Big Air Ball Tower
-Discovery Building Set (builds 20 models)
-Propeller Cars
-Zoo Building Set
-Engine No.7
-Geoffrey building set
-Rocket Launch
-Team Racers
-Electronic Arcade
-2 Screaming Serpents
-Motorized Madness
-Rip'n'Go Mean Machines
-Wave Ripper
-Raider Scouts
-Formula Racers
-All Terrain Trekker (my first Knex set)
-Cobra Warrior Attack Chopper
-Starter Set
-CyberKnex Cyber Bots
-CyberKnex Ultra
-7 Rekonstructors
-Tough Trucks
-Fun Set
-Knex Building Set (don't know the name)
-2 Towin' Trucks
-Giant Set
-Roller Coaster
-2 Power Tower Cranes
-Most of a Big Ball Factory
-Trampoline Tower
-Serpent's Spiral Coaster
-Collect & Build Drop and Swing
-Shark Run Roller Coaster
-Original Ferris Wheel (no music)
-Ferris Coaster Wheel
-Loopin Lightning Coaster
-Hyperspace Training Tower

Stuff from eBay
1,000 blue rods
300 more blue rods
Over 300 red connectors
1,000 green connectors
Hundreds of feet of orange tubing
200 orange tabbed connectors
Lots more.

I'd estimate my collection to be around 20,000 to 30,000 pieces.
cupcake43 (author)  Shadowman397 years ago
:0:0 u have alot of knex. and all terrain trekker. u have been collecting 4 a long time. how long have u been collecting?????????????
For about 9 years. :-)
cupcake43 (author)  Shadowman397 years ago
ur lot of knex makes mine feel small
I think i have:
10 model racing kit
30 model kit
50 model kit
some really old kit which was my first kit
and about 25k off ebay.
I know i have more sets but i don't know what they are.
Re-design7 years ago
zero. nada. zilch. none.

But I still think they are really interesting.
If you have the right connections, you can get yourself a donation.  I got a donation. 
DJ Radio7 years ago
I have:

- Mecha Warriors robot sets (came with sucky knex dart launchers)
- 500 part value tub
- Motorized Madness ball machine (sucks, has way too many mini knex)
- Sawblade thrill ride
- Various knex parts generously donated by Berkin, a user on this site.
knexknex227 years ago
i have a 18 or 19 gallon tote full

 I have around 10,000 pieces, but I can't remember ALL of the sets I have collected.  I can remember these, though:

Loopin' Lizard
Big Air Ball Tower
Big Ball Factory
50 Model Building Set
Storm Mountain Roller Coaster
Shark Run Roller Coaster
kevinhannan7 years ago
 knets sex?

is that even legal?

Enough to fill a 55 gallon drum about half full.
Hiyadudez7 years ago
I have the 6ft ferris wheel, and the others were all bought off eBay.
cupcake43 (author)  Hiyadudez7 years ago
ur lucky cuz mya parents said ya right!!! where not wasting a lot o money 4 something u cant build.