what language is this in?

Hi i brought this board game and the instruction were in some language the first word is (Przykladowe) dose any one know what language this is so i can get it translated thank you. 

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seandogue6 years ago
As far as I can tell, it means "exemplary damages" as a direct translation from Polish, but I'll gladly defer to our Russian speaker for a closer approximation to its true meaning, since I am but a not so humble monolinguistic American grunt who looks cross eyed at most languages outside Ameringlish and its deviants
lemonie6 years ago
My translate says its 'sample'.

It didn't do that for me(?) and the reverse is not the same, hmmm.

Polish. My translation is 'attachment' or 'appendix'. I am Russian, and it is quite similar in all Slavonic languages (Bonus: I didn't need a dictionary!).
Prykladowat is something like 'attach' in Russian
Burf6 years ago
frollard Burf6 years ago


Google 'auto detect' is a great feature.