what makes brushless motors so special?

framistan7 years ago
The first electric motors (100 years ago), ran on Direct Current only. The new AC electricity could be used for lighting... but nobody knew how to make a motor run on an ALTERNATING current. Nikola Tesla figured out how to make the motor spin by the magnetic fields spinning around the stator (stationary coils) and the ROTOR (part that spins) would sort of "chase" the field reversals around and around. The AC motors don't need the brushes therefore... and i think they are special because somebody had to figure out how to make a motor that would run on a constantly reversing electric field.
Kryptonite7 years ago
They can run faster and hotter, for longer, and don't leave the nasty dust that you get from brushed motors.
Tombini7 years ago
Brushless motors have both pros and cons; Pros Can be run at high revs with a high efficiency Don't have a commutator reduces efficiency Can usually outperform a regular motor of similar size Cons High cost Requires a controller, (electronic speed controller) This is just a few off the top of my head
They don't wear out, even if running at very high speeds. They have better slow running characteristics, they have fewer expensive mechanical parts.