what should I get? the nerf longstrike, or the nerf deploy or the nerf magstrike?

I get eather one of the for my report card if it is good

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Re-design7 years ago
You better wait until you get your good report card before you spend all your time comparing/deciding which one or you may not get a good report.
Longshot cs-6
There are alot more modifications for it
You should get the rampage if it is in the same price range. If not Ask your parents if you can have the cash for the cheaper gun and add your own money to that. Then if needed save up even more money by doing things around the house so you have enough to buy whatever one you want.
Burf7 years ago
Here's the smart thing to do; if your grades do measure up, tell your parents that you have decided to choose the least expensive nerf gun because you know how hard they worked to earn that money and you appreciate it very much.
Then your parents  will think, " That Junior is such thoughtful and responsible young man, we will use this reward system more often because he doesn't try to take advantage of our generosity."
Win, win.
good idea
Articas7 years ago
easy to use
has flashlight
looks awesome
Kiteman7 years ago
Roger-X and Conker (#2 Son) say go for the longstrike.
jeff-o7 years ago
None of them.  Ask for parts to build your own!