what should i add to my gaming pc?

amd athlon ii 250
asus m2n68am plus
2 gb ddr2 ram 
pny gt 220 1gb ddr2

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Vyger6 years ago
I think there might be a little confusion here over the meaning of the term gaming computer. To most people into custom building or modding systems a gaming rig is a reference to a high end and usually pretty expensive computer. Often its configured with the newest hardware and and most advanced software that can be found. By those standards no, this is not even close. However the way the author uses the term he could well just be referring to a computer that is used in a dedicated way for playing games. If that is the case then any configuration that can play the intended games would or could be called a gaming PC. I used to play Commander Kean on a 286 with DOS 3.5. At the time it was a gaming PC.

So, the bottom line is, just what kind of games is the author planning on playing? For some games this might be an ideal system.
lemonie6 years ago

You'll need a case, PSU, mouse, keyboard, HDD, a good GPU, monitor, and DVD drive too. Possibly some more things which I've not thought of...

zack247 lemonie6 years ago
the screws to put all the stuff in?
lemonie zack2476 years ago
I have a surplus of screws; things always seem to come with a bag of them...

zack247 lemonie6 years ago
:P my lovely collection of a thousand screws came from taking computers apart, you wouldnt believe how many computers ive dismantled in the 2 years ive been dealing with them :D

(I could estimate it at at least 100, selling some of the parts from free computers bought my (second, my acer died) new laptop) 
Burf6 years ago
I hate to break it to you, but those components will hardly make a gaming PC, unless your choice of games is Pong, Asteroids and Pac Man.
Start with a good mobo, one that will handle an Intel i5 or i7 CPU, 6 to 8 Gb of RAM and a crossfire video card set-up. Otherwise, you'll never have a gaming PC, you'll just have an ordinary, net surfing rig. Nothing wrong with that, mind you, but its not going to play one of today's top hot shooters and that's a fact.
zack247 Burf6 years ago
Well i have to somewhat disagree with that statement, i have a pentium D 3,2GHz, 2 gigs of ram and only a 256mb graphics card and it can handle most games i throw at it, my video card is a older revision so i cant play some of these new games but i plan to buy a newer one sooner or later.
ARJOON Burf6 years ago
yup i totally agree
Your unit's spec's are some what limiting in terms of which games you can expect to get to run in a way you will enjoy. However you can never go wrong by adding more Ram,if you plan on diving into the newer game releases out there now and a few years down the road now would be a good time to build a new machine for yourself.