what should i do?

i just got a new bin from lowes for my knex and i have a bunch of empty boxes now and i dont know what to do with them

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knexinventer (author) 6 years ago
i want these answers to be leagle
in my EXTREMELY PROFFESIONAL OPINION ide have to say you should clean your room, its filthy, perhaps have it steam cleaned, it looks like something youde see in a concrete garage.

but seriously, ide say you should use some of the knex inverters as tool boxes, as those things are like indestructable inside and out, or perhaps use them for a stylish means of storing your tradeing cards, maybe even fill them with c4 and blow them up for a low shrapnel container, the possibilities are endless, gosh, i want a big pile of those things right now to swim through, gosh i miss my old kinex box
knexinventer (author)  oldmanbeefjerky6 years ago
thats funny use c4 ha
i was being serious there. the material those boxes are made from are pperfect for a low shrapnel case.

but i would recomend using alot of flash powder or gun powder as c-4 is something that only a few pharmacy lines sell. plus when you get ti, it costs a whole heap.

point is, the best things in life are the ones you can blow up and scatter across a 900m radius
Exteremely professional and you can't spell I'd?!?!
its an opinion, and jpoopdog thinks that jpoopdog does not need to use proper spelling, nor apostraphies, jpoopdog thinks they the ones who ate his cupcake and left the capecake taste in his mouth afterwards!
NatNoBrains6 years ago
Get it sorted out. I have about as much as you, maybe a bit less, and it took me about two hours to sort.
knexinventer (author)  NatNoBrains6 years ago
last time i tried to sort it out it took me 4 hours and within 2 days it was all messed up again
Sorunome6 years ago
build on them knex contraptions, or just through them away
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Use them to store other stuff, incorporate them into your knex projects or use them as project boxes. Here is a page I pulled up in 3 seconds: Link