what should i do with a old briefcase?

 what should i do with a old briefcase i dont have access  to many thing

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mcafee157 years ago
 I'm having the same issue, I have very nice leather brief case and can't seem to come up with an Idea to use it for. It's very large and has a nice outside. Though some of the leather has begin to peel...
lemonie7 years ago
Could you use it for carrying / storage?
"Don't have access to many things" restricts most of my ideas, but perhaps you could re-finish it / add artwork and use/sell it.

allenmt (author)  lemonie7 years ago
 what would your other one be if I did have access to lots of things
lemonie allenmt7 years ago
You could mock it up to look like a James-Bond-like bomb or decoding device. Or fit a laptop into it etc.

caarntedd7 years ago
Attach it to your wrist with handcuffs and use it to carry your lunch or something equally precious.
Make a short film!
Fill said briefcase with fake money and while driving along, ditch it(and hopefully it opens upon landing), for extra points, the fake money should catch fire.
godofal7 years ago
take an old laptop, put it in, and make it all steampunk-like ;)
Kilt Y7 years ago
Add wooden legs and make it a coffee table.