what this metal ring called?

These collars are found in a variety of applications large and small, this particular one came out of a broken flatbed scanner. I've seen variants with bearings on the inside ring allowing full rotation in industrial settings and small hobby ones used for axles.

So, is there a name for these?

Picture of what this metal ring called?
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iceng6 years ago
iceng iceng6 years ago
Oh yea the Pic.
mikeasaurus (author)  iceng6 years ago
awesome, thanks!
Lorddrake iceng6 years ago
I've always believed it to be a locking collar.
sam D6 years ago
Somtimes referred to as a collet.
Jayefuu sam D6 years ago
It's not a collet...
Jayefuu6 years ago
A bush.
That's one in the hand. Is it worth two in the bush?
pacuzzo6 years ago
Hello, it's name is bushing.