what to add to a honda ruckus?


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ruckuslife7 years ago
I suggest the following (based on need): 

For PERFORMANCE and SPEED I suggest the following: 
Variator  - Increases performance - changing the way the power of your engine is transferred to your rear wheel 
Exhaust - Exhaust
Drive Belt - performance drive belt matched with a performance variator will give you a kick. 
CDI  - Release the rev limiter and makes your ruckus faster 

Underseat Storage Bag - Fits perfectly in underseat storage compartment AND works great as a bag on the go - so you don't leave your precious stuff in your scooter.  Fashionable. 

For Big Handsome Tall Riders 
Seat Move Back Kit - this moves your seat back a bit for comfortable riding position. 

Also if you are mechanically inclined and ready to tear up your ruckus I suggest the GY6 Complete Conversion Swap Kit 
All these parts can be found on RUCKUSLIFE.COM 
CameronSS8 years ago
Training wheels.
Nitrous Oxide.
frollard8 years ago
ultra high power led headlamps - use less power :D
V8 ?
lemonie8 years ago
A bell, or a squeaky thing. L