what to do with most of a 36v scooter?

so i rescued this 36v 500w electric scooter from the trash. the charger with it was broken so i scored one off ebay for $9. i charged it up and it actually worked but for the most part was useless to me as it was too slow for me but at the same time too fast and unstable for my kids. so it sat next to my house for several months and when i charged it up today and turned it on the speed control burnt up(ants had built a nest inside and shorted it). so now i have everything else which is still good(motor, batteries, frame and wheels etc) and seems a shame to waste it. i could buy a new speed control off ebay for $25 but like i said it wasnt very useful as it was. any ideas for what to use these parts for without a speed controller? some thoughts i had were electric bike or electric mower. i also have some powerwheels laying around just begging to be hot rodded. also if anyone in the charlotte nc area can have it if you promise to build something cool out of it.

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To me an electric bike sounds like the best option.
dannemillerd (author)  The MadScientist6 years ago
yeah thats what i was thinking but can you make one without a motor controller? is there an analog way to control a motor?
Well if you pick-up a bike with gears on it you can take off the pedals and use the motor to drive where you would pedal using a certain gear ratio that best suits the motor and bike.
This way you would have to ride the bike as you would a manual car.

You could have only one gear from motor to back wheel, this way you would have to go really slow to avoid burning out the motor.

Or you could accelerate with the pedals and keep a constant speed with the motor this is the method used with regular electric or petrol bikes.

I've been meaning to do a similar project some time using the first method. It could get a bit tricky.
dannemillerd (author)  The MadScientist6 years ago
yeah i was thinking of using a ford e-150 external starter solenoid like we used to use for car hydraulics, that would keep from welding my switch. then its just of matter of gear ratios for say 30mph. id like to keep the pedals for starting out to keep from burning out the motor at low rpm and to keep it from trhying to do a wheelstand. im thinking of driving the largest gear on the rear and just not shifting into it with the derailler. so 2 chains
That should work.
iceng6 years ago
Good score !
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You have the beginning components for a fun robot device.
Every motor can be a generator. You could make a windmill power source.