what to do with old laptops?

I have two old laptops that are too slow to be of any real use. I have an old IBM thinkpad and an old dell inspiron. I was wondering if anyone had any cool ideas on what to do with either of these machines or their components? Thanks!

flink8 years ago
Get the NBR version of Ubuntu. It's a lightweight version intended for netbooks. It runs fairly well on older notevooks. It can be really handy to have a net-capable computer handy around the house. I have on in the living room so I can check emails or look up movie info to find out an actor's name (I watch a lot of old movies).

Having one in the kitchen could be handy if you're into cooking. There's a bunch of good recipe programs. Again, there's the email angle.

Perhaps one in the garage or workshop to research how to take something apart or fix something?
playcs8 years ago
dell has a recycling program where you can get credit for it.
awang88 years ago
Old laptops? Heaps! *Install Linux and run it as a server? *Install MediaPortal and use as PVR? *Sell then on eBay? *Pull it apart for parts?
110100101108 years ago
multimedia box energy efficient server for 24/7 work pentium 1 can run acceptably fast windows 95 / 98 or linux server pentium 2+ may run acceptably fast modern fully functional linux