what to sing??

The talent show is coming up and idk what to sing i have a choice of it's time by imagine dragons or human by christina perri or me and my broken hearth by rexloin the sign up are on monday 28 of april and rehearsel on tuesday and wenseday at a early early time and i still dont know what to sing. what should i sing??

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just sing what you feel comfortable with. you don't need someone to tell you what to sing it's your choice

sf49ers3 years ago


This, its not too country... but its still country, just listen to it.

juice vega (author)  sf49ers3 years ago

yep is a good song heard it before. but why did I had 2 listen 2 it. do u like country?

Country is like all I listen to

juice vega (author)  sf49ers3 years ago

seriously do u know whos luke bryan hes a country singer

yes I know who he is. do you know who James Otto is?

juice vega (author)  sf49ers3 years ago

yep not much but ive heard of him and some of his songs.

rickharris3 years ago

Sing what you know and like, make sure you voice covers the range and put some emotion into the song.

No point in going for something new it just puts more stress on you.

generally songs that people recognise work best.