what type of capacitor is this ?

Hello , i just bougth some capacitor from electronic store.In my country ,English is not the nature language ,so i dont know what is the name of this type of capacitor in English .they have number 104( 100nF)  and other is 105(1uF).And they dont have mask witch pin is  + or  -  pin.Thay mean they are Non polarized capacitor ?? 
Here is the image of them .

Thanks !

p/s: sorry for my bad English.

Picture of what type of capacitor is this ?
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dedgerton6 years ago
Those are ceramic capacitors, and yes, they are non-polarized.

Regarding to dedgerton, the exact answer is: Yes, they are non polarized ceramic capacitors.
login721 (author)  dedgerton6 years ago
Thanks, but i have ceramic capacitor too , they are diffirent type than this one.In the store i bougth them,ceramic capacitor and this capacitor are in diffirent category ...
There are MANY different shapes and sizes of ceramic caps.
login721 (author) 6 years ago
they call it "Titan" capacitor in my country ...but i dont know what is titan , just a translated name or name of the matterial they use to make it.Here is a link to simillar type http://www.chipviet.vn/?tensanpham=110390
login721 (author)  login7216 years ago
I finally find out.They are Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor .Thanks for advance! guys
lemonie6 years ago
It's a good idea to know what you're buying before you buy it.