what use is a super capacitor?

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luxstar5 years ago

Flashlights that can be recharged quickly 500,000 times:





marshon7 years ago
One practical use is in a Capacitor Discharge Unit to operate solenoid switches. The switches require a short, heavy burst of electrical power to operate positively and efficiently. Running them directly from a transformer or battery would place undue strain on the power source. By using the charging and discharging properties of the capacitor, strain is reduced on the power source.
Try Googling 'Capacitor discharge Unit'.
Super Capacitor? Oh yeah?  Well what about a Supa-Dupa-Capacitor?

lemonie7 years ago
People do ask questions about running things off capacitor like motors, LEDs etc. The answer to those questions can be "no, use a battery" or "you'd need a super-capacitor".
What Re' says about high capacity capacitor built to dump it's stored current quickly is about right: they work like capacitors, but they're closer to batteries in terms of charge-storage than regular cap's

Re-design7 years ago
It's a low leakage, high capacity capacitor built to dump it's stored current quickly and often without damage.  If you try this with regular cap's, you will find they are damaged easily and are lousy.
kelseymh7 years ago
As a rechargeable voltage/current source.  Did you even try looking it up for yourself?