what would happen if all the boats in the world was out of the water all at once?

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Kiteman7 years ago
A lot of barnacles would die.

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rickharris7 years ago
Commerce will stop - all the docks in the world will be full several times over, a lot of seamen won't get paid.

Gee, Rick. And here I thought it was the seamen doing the paying...

Often is (I have heard!) :-)
are you sure i thought that if all the boats was out of the water at the same time that the water level will droop
Think about the massive volume of the ocean, and the comparably minuscule volume that the boats would displace. The water level would drop very slightly, but due to ocean currents, waves etc. the water level is never uniform, so it would be impossible to measure by how much.
In principle, satellite measurements could do the trick, but the value is tiny compared to their resolution.
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Arithmetic and research can solve your problem.

1) Search for "worldwide shipping" and get an estimate of the "displacement" of all boats involved. That number, which is how the size of ships is measured, tells you the mass (weight) of the ships, and therefore the mass of water equal to (displaced by, according to Archimedes principle) them. Chances are, Wikipedia can give you this number directly.

2) Find the total surface area of the world's oceans. This is obvious something you can find trivially, most easily using Wikipedia.

3) Look up the density of the ocean (another trivial number you can find). Combining this with (1) and (2), you can calculate the depth of water displaced by worldwide shipping.

4) Compare that number with, for example, the height of typical water waves as they roll up the beach. Would you be able to measure the change?
kelseymh7 years ago
Nothing measurable.