what would happen if i had alot of money and i hired 2 private investigators and got them to follow each other?

im confused about this question and i wanted to see what you guys thouht about it

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AndyGadget6 years ago
Being private investigators and trained in the ways of subterfuge they would soon realise they were following each other and come to an agreement.  They would then go about their separate ways, meeting once a week to put together a dossier each detailing the other's (fictional) movements and submit extravagant expenses claims.  They would take you for all you were worth #;¬)
Alternatively, if they didn't realise they were on each other's cases and started tailing each other, they would get stuck for ever going around and around the first roundabout they came to.
orksecurity6 years ago
Nothing much, except that you'd eventually run out of money. Eventually they'd realize they were following each other and report that back to you; if you told them to continue, I expect they'd start simply reporting on themselves to save work.

Why, what did you think might happen?
i thought they would continously follow each other until they got bored
More likely they'd each just subcontract following each other out to the other guy. As long as you get the reports you're paying for, they'll have met their obligation to you; meanwhile, it's easy money for them.

Heck, if I was in the business I'd happily take your money, send you pages from my diary, and go on vacation for as long as you were willing to continue paying me...
Or died for that matter
caarntedd6 years ago
You would need to hire a third investigator to document what goes on with the first two. It would help if the two were somewhat inept and the third knew his stuff. Maybe you could trick a couple of friends into spying on each other, and record what happens yourself.
lemonie6 years ago
Do it and find out.
Otherwise this is your thought-exercise so you give the answer.

Vyger6 years ago
You actually have a 2 part question here. The first part is : 'what would happen if I had a lot of money?'.
Well, if you did then the main ways you would have gotten it would negate the second part of the question. In other words if you were smart enough to get a lot of money, then you wouldn't squander it on stupid things. Now the exception to that would be if you inherited the wealth, won a large contest, like a lottery, or stole it. In those instances you likely will not have the wealth long enough to throw it away on stupid quests. Hence the question is self defeating.
They would probably know each other already…being in the buis and all
yokozuna6 years ago
They would quickly figure out what was going on, decide that you need a bit of learning yourself, and charge you for a month's worth of private investigation (twice) even though they only spent 1-2 days figuring it out. At least, that's what I would do. You'd basically just end up out your money.