what would this HeNe laser be used for?

A friend gave me a Melles Griot 05-LLR-811-249 he had lying around his house.

It's a 1mW 632.8nm red Helium Neon laser.
Full specs can be seen at: http://users.df.uba.ar/padulo/archives/0.5%20-%201mW%20self%20contained%20He-Ne%20(red).pdf

What would it be used for?
What cool things could do with it?

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iceng4 years ago
  1. Illuminate walk around holograms
  2. Make a long range voice transmitter
  3. enlarge a drop of water 100X
  4. perform MICHELSON MORLEY experiment 
  5. Illuminate a laser ball
  6. Illuminate and find crystals in agate stones
Morgantao (author) 4 years ago
So it's basically and over-sized, over-priced, under-powered laser key chain?

I understand that the characteristics are very important for lab use, but for Joe Nobody it's pretty useless, right?
Its from the days when if you wanted red laser light it was the ONLY way to get it. And its still a great way to make holograms, because it has a very long coherence length.
Morgantao (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
I always wanted to make holograms. I was very excited when I found out it's possible to use a diode based laser to make them.
However, there's nowhere to buy the plates in my country, let alone develop them.
iceng Morgantao4 years ago
I would appreciate a link to your LEDiode made holograms ?
Morgantao (author)  iceng4 years ago
It's been over 10 years ago, but if you search google for "laser pointer hologram" you will find a few how to's.
I'm sure those setups are more finicky than lab grade setups, but it's dirt cheap.
petercd4 years ago
Nice thing about that laser is that you can power it from mains voltage, thats what I gather from the end code 249=115 v ac working, in other words you dont have to feed it a supply of button cells.

So another use would be to mount a 1st surface mirrorreflective surface on the front not back like a glass mirror on a motor and bounce the laser off it to check for vibration.

Another very risky use, and I probably shouldnt even tell you, hook the laser up to a little generator and stand in the middle of Times Square waving it up in the sky in an elaborate pattern. When asked you can say you're guiding in an alien spaceship... of course you know who we're gonna blame if it works right?
iceng petercd4 years ago
Super petercd
If you can observe machine vibrations
Then you can aim the laser on to a single pane glass window. and
listen to any conversation in the room behind the window by
feeding the reflected wave to a simple audio amplifier of the AC coupled photo diode..

Which makes eight very good answers so far...