whats a better school?

which is a better school, boca raton high or suncoast high for engineering or park vista which i am zoned for all they have is a auto repair academy. i still want to have a life though but boca has STEM  and sucoast has MSE i dont think there is much of a difference but the classes i really want to take is some engineering class and a computer programing class but not the computer academy. i would like to be in the engineering academy though because i am not zoned for that school please answer or at least a suggestion.

It doesn't really matter.  If you want to take engineering classes, you can probably take them at your local community college or university on the side and even have them count towards your undergraduate degree.  I took a full college/university year's worth of Spanish during the summer between Junior year and Senior year which rocked cos I never had to take a language course while working on my undergraduate degree.  I did 2 years worth of high school Spanish in 3 months at a local university.  Sweet.  And it was pretty awesome to add to my undergraduate applications because I was able to prove I could do the work and do well (I got As in both Spanish classes).

My husband taught himself C+ in high school and a couple other programming languages, so it's possible to do it on your own if sufficiently motivated.  I know he's not the only one to have done that either.

So, ya, if your goal is to take a particular class, you can pretty much always find it through other sources beyond your high school.  Pick a school that'll make you happy and has good academics.  Don't fret over the rest.

It also helps if the school you go to is close to home.
rickharris7 years ago
Don't your government/local regional edu dept publish school exam results.

I always tell parents go and visit the schools - Ask first - If it looks well run and the kids look happy and involved it's a good school.

orksecurity7 years ago
Most of us don't live anywhere near Florida. I'd strongly suggest asking in your local community.
BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
why not whats wrong with florida?.... haha idk just kidding i kinda did but i wanted to get some outside opinions