whats a cool way to store jewelry?

I need a cool way to store jewelry and keep it both functional and displaying. my jewelry is like art so i kind of want it shown off as well as organized.

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make a pile
summation8 years ago
I also say my jewelry is art! It used to be kept in a pile, but the necklaces would always tangle, and finding an earring match was near impossible. I created a jewelry board to show off my accessories, and wrote an Instructable so you can make a similar one. It even uses a hidden metal strip to hold small containers for tiny items like post-backed earrings. You can check it out here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Jewelry-Board-with-holder-for-small-earrings/ Let us know how you decide to store your jewelry!
beadydani8 years ago
I put my jewellery on hangers, cover them with transparent plastic shopping bags to prevent it discolouring fast & from dust.
Corvis8 years ago
earrings could be kept in a https://www.instructables.com/id/Sunflower_Earring_Display/ whether they were the loop over kind, or the kind with the backing </shameless plug> :)
If it's valuable and you don't want anyone to find it, you could make a trick book that has it's pages glued together and a hole cut out the middle. Super fun!
Redrockers8 years ago
Kiteman8 years ago
Fix a row of Barbie dolls to the wall and use their extended arms to hang your jewellery on. Make a wooden frame, cover it in felt or fleece fabric (like a canvas over a picture frame) and poke the pointy bits of earrings (and other piercings) through the felt. Hang a small felt pouch from the bottom of the frame to hold any spare earring backs. Get a plastercast of your hands, cupped in a begging pose.
Instructables has this wall-mounted organizer.

Or make a jewelry tree?