whats a good sand weathering paint?

im working on a model truck, and its going to be on  the beach. i just need a paint colour in tamiya, model masters, or testors.ive tried tamiya dark yellow, but i dont rly like it.

Burf6 years ago
Look in the military color paints, for flat brown and flat tan. You can blend the two or add a drop or two of flat white to get the color you like. I know Testor's makes the military colors and I presume that Tamiya does too.
the poodleo (author) 6 years ago
oh, no, srry, i should have worded that better. what i meant is, the truck is red, and i wanted to drybrush something on it to make it look like its covered in sand and mud.
lemonie6 years ago
Are you asking about what colour to paint the truck?