whats an rbgand arbg?


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dynno978 years ago
RBG=Rubber Band Gun, ARBG=Automatic Rubber Band Gun! Pure and Simple...
osi8 years ago
arbg= a rubber band gun

rbgand= a completely messed up spelling mixing "band" with the abbreviation for rubber band gun. In other words the person wrote the rbg abbreviation and added the rest of the letters to "band" to the end.
hungyhipo 2 (author)  osi8 years ago
actualy rbgand is actualy rbg and with no space i just forgot to put it there
osi hungyhipo 28 years ago
where are you getting this phrase from, an instructable, if so please give me the link. It still probably has to do with rubber band guns though.
hungyhipo 2 (author)  osi8 years ago
it was an answer to another question
osi hungyhipo 28 years ago
can you give me the link, and if its an answer to a question, shouldn't you be able to figure out what it means based on the question itself?
hungyhipo 2 (author)  osi8 years ago
no i dont know im not giving you the link now shut up
osi hungyhipo 28 years ago
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hungyhipo 2 (author)  osi8 years ago
ok sorry but please i dont want to tell you about where i found the informantion
osi hungyhipo 28 years ago
I understand, no hard feelings. but thats the best answer I have for you, the first one I wrote.
hungyhipo 2 (author)  osi8 years ago
i know but i said shut up because i was tired of you asking me things
osi hungyhipo 28 years ago
I would be too, your lucky I am not really talking to you, (or should I say it the other way around) because by now you would have hit me with something. (for talking too much) As you noticed, I am in fact, still talking. :-)
hungyhipo 2 (author)  osi8 years ago
haha darn i cant find my baseball bat o hear it is
osi hungyhipo 28 years ago
too late, while you were looking for it I left, in fact this is just a recording of me talking sent to you via express shipping.
hungyhipo 2 (author)  osi8 years ago
haha now lets not talk ever again no hard feelings
orksecurity8 years ago
You might get better answers if you said what context you'd seen this in.
Z1ggy8 years ago
Well according to http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/RBG, it could be many things

RBG Royal Botanical Gardens
RBG Revolutionary But Gangsta (Dead Prez album)
RBG Regalbediengerät (machine for moving pallets in an automatic warehouse)
RBG Red Blue and Green (primary colors of light as perceived by humans; less common, usually seen as RGB)
RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg (US Supreme Court justice)
RBG Red Black and Green
RBG Rubber Band Gun
RBG Random Blood Glucose
RBG Rhema Broadcasting Group (New Zealand)
RBG Riverboat Gamblers (Texas punk rock band)
RBG Really Big Gun
RBG Rather Be Giraffes (Brandeis University A Cappella Group)
RBG Runebranded Girdle (gaming)
RBG Refrigerated Baked Goods
RBG Really Bad Game

I have no idea what arbg stands for.