whats better?

I am building a hose extension. I have a garden hose hooked up to the house supply, the hose runs to the back yard where it connects to PVC fittings. The rest of the system is a series of sprinklers too complex to explain here. 

My question is, should I use glue or plummers tape to make each connection water tight?


Burf6 years ago
Threaded connections get Teflon tape, slip-on connections gets glue.
orksecurity6 years ago
And clamp-on connections are sealed by the pressure of the clamp; no tape or glue needed. "Barbed" connections are also generally sealed just by having the hose stretched over them, though some use a hose clamp as well.
lemonie6 years ago

What sort of connections?
You're not thinking of just taping hose together are you?