whats is a cool inexpensive gadget i can make???

im very bored and i need something to do!!!!!!

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framistan5 years ago
Take a flashlight and 2 magnifying glasses. Go outside at night with the 3 items and hold the magnifying glasses in front of the flashlight. See how far away you can send the beam of light down the street. If you are a geek, this will entertain you for at least an HOUR! ... then you may start asking yourself some QUESTIONS.... Can the beam be detected at the other end with a solar cell? Can the beam be MODULATED using a microphone, and sound transmitted on the beam? Will the solar cell detect the sound if i attach the solar cell to a small audio amplifier? If a person at the other end makes a similar light beam, can we talk 2 ways... or will the light beams interfere with each other??? Do the light beams have to be VISABLE light... or would INFRA-RED LED's work also??? There is no reason to be bored if you keep thinking and asking questions and building things that answer your questions.
Kiteman5 years ago
What tools and/or materials do you have available?
kylekosan23 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
u know the regular handy man tools
Windmill? Mobile?
I am always thinking the same thing.... Just think... OMG thats cool! and then simplify it to something smalland make a gadget
rickharris5 years ago
Beats me, what are you interested in - What skills do you have/want how deep are your pockets??

People who get board generally don't have the patience to learn anything new.

There are millions of hobbies out there - BUT for the most part they take time - That;s the point.

However a suggestion
Newtons cradle - Look it up.
I like those. Glass marble could be subbed for the steel spheres.
lemonie5 years ago
Try banging your head against a wall. A friend told me that it really worked for her...