what's the best (most efficient) way to skewer the meat together by a metal pin or bamboo pin?

We love barbecue here. Our way to do the barbecue is to skewer (spit) the meat together by a metal pin or bamboo pin. Normally we do it manually. Does anybody know if there is one more efficient method or some kinds of equipment we can use on the skewering?

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rickharris3 years ago

Metal gets hot - ouch!

If you use bamboo soak in water before use to prevent burning.

Personally I use bamboo.

Steve Zhang (author)  rickharris3 years ago
Hi, Harris,
How about the inner skin of chestnut? Can you please share me your video again how to remove it in the rotating drum?

You want to automate the skewering process? Why? Is pushing meat one or two peices at a time too much for you?

Steve Zhang (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

Yes. I want an automatic skewering process. We are pushing several pieces one by one onto one pin. This needs lots of labor with low efficiency. In china people love barbecue and cook the skewer on the fire.
Would yu please share me your idea how to get a quicker way to skewer the meat?

Thanks and best regards,
Steve Zhang

petercd3 years ago

Stack all the meat cubes on top of each other and chuck a bamboo skewer in an air rifle, hold it vertically barrel down on the top meat cube and pull the trigger.

rickharris3 years ago

Line the meat up in a tube and push the skewer through the middle.