whats the best netbook to hack?

thought this would bring a discussion out simply it is; what's the best netbook to hack? rating by number of different hacks usability after hacks or any other catgories you can think of

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He he he :) :)

Nothing can be crack or hack....Even you can not send spam mails
if your firewall is strong...It is a open challenge..no one can send us single of spam mail..
MRedu6 years ago
Definately the Asus eeepc, i've seen a number of mods for it already and i think there are some forums around the net that have a load of guides. Just google for them i'm sure you'll find plenty.
napoleonis8 years ago
eee pc
internal bluetooth,touch screen,internal flash drive and others.
also you can put mac which is illegal.
Installing OSX on non apple hardware isn't illegal it is against the End User License Agreement (EULA). A EULA isn't a law its is an agreement between you and the company.
Bosnoff8 years ago
Both the Asus eee pc and the Acer Aspire One are good hackable netbooks.
1. # of hacks: I think eee has more
2. usability after hacks: I sure hope it becomes more usable after the hack, or else I don't see any point in doing it.

Here are some forums to check out the hacking:

I plan to buy an Aspire One in the near future. I will hack it by adding a touchscreen, internal bluetooth, and some extra ram.
Both seem to be excellent computers, just check them out to find which one best suits your needs.
Nofew8 years ago
Any, bigger screens = multitasking and smaller size = stealth. It's down to user preference, honestly, since you can easily change the external hardware and OS completely. Just pick one that fits you and Google Backtrack 3.
micromuffin8 years ago
eee pc!
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
what type of hacks?