whats the best thing to say to get a job?

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acidbass7 years ago
 depending on the job you need to say what you want to do but only at the appropriate time you always want to show up to the interview looking like you already work there (so dont show up wearing a tshirt and jeans if it is an insurance job or an office job) figure out a group of times that you can work no employer finds a lot of people willing to work nights/ evenings and weekends and some holidays make a good impression I suggest go over what you are going to say so you dont say umm or ya know and so you dont stumble over words i also suggest looking the employer in the eye nice handshake and dont fidget look and feel confident and always have the ability to walk away if it is not what you want (such as times hours pay etc.) if you have the power to walk away they will see that and respect that so if they really need to get rid of that opening they will come to your standards more or less also you always want to research the company or employer so you know how they work you never want to mention you are waiting on another employer to read your resume or you are going to another job interview afterwards and last but not least be polite and courteous always speak when spoken to dont mumble thank you please i followed this advice from my parents and that landed me my first job......................................im 15
framistan7 years ago
Most employers are tired of hiring people who.....
   don't want to work WEEKENDS.....
                  don't want to work EVENINGS.....
                             or just DON'T EVEN SHOW UP to work. 

So, what I would say, is "I am willing to work evenings and weekends." .. and "I had excellent attendance at my previous jobs."
That is MUSIC to the employers ears.   But, don't lie when you say it.  You should really do what you SAY.  Then after a couple years you can find another job that might not make you work nights and weekends.  Also, you should read THIS INSTRUCTABLE written by "arcticpenguin" on writing resumes'... he is a WINNER and it is very informative for anyone wanting to know how EMPLOYERS think. 


Hope that helps you
Re-design7 years ago
I'll work the first week for free.  If you don't like my work I'll leave.  If you like my work then you will hire me.

I had a guy right out of high school with no experience tell me that and we tried it.  He ended up working for me for over 3 years and only left to get his degree.
What is it you do?
I design custom homes and small commercial buildings etc.
onrust7 years ago
Whatever they want to hear!
  Research and find out what it is they are looking for.  Then you sell yourself as a "product" they need.
  If it is a busy place and people work together on time lines,  you might say:  "I'm a team player who loves to multi-task and get an objective done in a timely

Jayefuu7 years ago
How about "I'll work for half of that"

What's that? I get a free house too? Brilliant! It includes a wood workshop? Fantastic!!! Thanks Steve!
I get a free house too

...and dolls

Kiteman7 years ago
What job are you after?

If it's a job that requires no/few qualifications, then go for Re-design's approach.

Anything more, though, and "it depends" - what job are you after, what relevant qualifications do you have?