whats the best to ammo use for slingshots? (apart from rounds and ballbearings)

for shooting rabbits and squirels

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SamarthM71 year ago

Acorns are best. They are light, little heavy, and has big accurancy. Perfect!

johnnym461 year ago

If you use a pencil eraser that goes on a pencil and stick a pin on the inside coming out of the top it will just go threw cloth if you're bored

JDoAT8 years ago
Lead Sinkers for Fishing....they work great!!!

Which size sinkers are best do you reckon?

actually if you use rocks they will lose ballance and the shot will have less acurracy
An Villain7 years ago


good idea if you dont have any bottle rockets hanging around... haha
Yes, for actual hunting I would recommend getting a blowgun or pellet rifle.
If you want to do some serious work with your slingshot, and if it's powerful enough, round lead bullets are great. I use castoff wheel weights, my Lee melting pot and the brass mold that came with my .45 caliber 1860 Colt replica. At 20 feet my Daisey B52 put one of these through a 1/4 inch sheet of plywood.
Matt214978 years ago
well round beans are decent if u dont want to break anything airsoft pellets are also good. bbs could work butare really smal so u would have to put a few in the pouch and do that
airsoft pellets and bbs are the same thing
bbs are metal. Airsoft pellets are plastic
robo man7 years ago
airsoft pellets and bbs are different bbs are metal airsoft pellets are plastic and i recomend that you use plain old shap looking pebles
ztevo8 years ago
When close to home i use ice,  i have a couple of those ice treys that make round ice cubes for cocktails.  the price is great and i can't run over them with the lawn mower. 
sharlston8 years ago
use your instructable for ammo
ya he's right
lollypops thanks aj_da_dj
An Villain8 years ago
marbles, or modify it to fire bolts.
ericm2478 years ago
Haha nothing is better than a steel bearing, but i suppose rocks,marbles,and stones would be best. But remember rocks and stones are not perfectly round so accuracy might drop drastically. Well have fun.
becida8 years ago
Marbles without a doubt (unless you are walking on the beach or along a river).
christophor8 years ago
We always used marbles and rounded rocks. If the rock isn't round, it can do some weird stuff when it spins. I swear I saw a piece of asphalt go out about 6 feet and make a 90 degree turn to the left. We figured it must be something like what happens when a pitcher throws a curve ball. When I was a kid, I put a crescent shaped hole in my grandparent's camping trailer with a penny. I don't recommend it for hunting though. You'd probably have to be close enough to touch the critter to do any damage. That's all I can think of. I haven't used one in years. BTW: Please don't kill anything you're not planning on eating. It's not nice. Good luck.
KentsOkay8 years ago
What brand of slingshot? If it's a trumark, go get one of their high performance slings, packs that extra punch that you need. I'd use tracer balls (white marbles they sell in packs of 50) or .25 steel bs.
tom-mot (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
the slingshot is barnett. why?
trumark makes high performance rubbers, check at your local academy or sporting gods store and see if they have it. they work really well.
tom-mot (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
cool, thanks
River pebbles also work well.
landmanhall8 years ago
I knocked a pigeon down from its roost with a jelly bean! I prefer ball bearings. Lots of power but hard to find. Marbles may be your best bet. They are in every spray can that rattles!!!!!
Catharsis8 years ago
Dad always bought a bag of glass marbles for me when I was a kid. They fly well enough and shatter on hard targets like cement walls. That's all I wanted, to make them things pop.
Bigbloosky8 years ago
There's a cheap brand of candy called "Gobstoppers" that are really hard and perfectly round (about .4") I'm not positive that they would kill a squirrel, but they're really cheap like $1 for 150.
depends on ur sling shot resistancs level but i perfer gold coins because u get the other guy rich lol jk um lets see use stone there the best they make other people bleen oh and they get to close shoot them in the nuts :]
purduecer8 years ago
marbles, perhaps? Maybe some rocks...