whats the best way to paint over paper mache?

finishing off a balloon, newspaper, and plaster pinata. there's no way I can get the frilly paper in time, but I have a decent amount of acrylic paints and other art supplies. what method would make my monster the greenest of them all?

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J@50n8 years ago
buy some normal paints...if they dont stick add some dish soap it will work like a charm!
mikeasaurus8 years ago
You'll need nothing more than regular latex paint. Paper is porous and will accept latex no problem. Consider doing a second or third coat to ensure even coverage and a nice solid colour. Say 'hi' to your monster for me when it's complete!
rubberbands (author)  mikeasaurus8 years ago
thanks. roberto winks back.
theRIAA8 years ago
sand it smooth and sand lightly in between coats
Emsaid8 years ago
I would go with some latex paint...