what's the fastest way to clean and dice garlic?

With out any little machines, what's the best knife work you've got?  I'm looking for the best way to get through a whole head, not just a clove

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Garlic Press. I have one from Pampered Chef. I love it
aeray6 years ago
These things, to peel it. I've had several and they work great. They're basically just a piece of large-diameter surgical tubing. For dicing, I use an 8" or 10" chefs knife. Slice the cloves once lengthwise, arrange them cut side down, and lightly crush with the flat of the blade (the tip of the blade rests on the cutting board, one hand holds the knife handle, and the heel of the other hand pushes against the flat of the blade). Place the crushed halves on top of each other and slice again, against the grain of the crushed pieces, rocking the knife on it's tip and cutting with the heel of the blade. As a former chef, I've probably prepared thousands (if not tens of thousands) of cloves of garlic in this manner, and after a bit of practice you can probably do a single clove in a second or two.
rickharris6 years ago
Garlic press every time.
+ lots.
Mr. E Meat6 years ago
Hold the garlic clove between your thumb and forefingers of both hands. Twist the garlic clove back and forth. The skins will come loose and be easier to remove than if you smash the clove. Now smash it with the flat of your knife and chop or if you have a food processor, blend with a little olive oil (a microplane works great if you want it really fine but takes a little longer).
lemonie6 years ago

Smash the cloves with a big knife and the force of your hand. Smack, smack, smack etc. then a little chopping.