whats the strangest thing you have pinched/stolen?

could have been from work, a shop when you were young or on a drunked night out. or maybe what someone elts you know of has stolen if you dont want to incriminate yourself.

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The attached picture is a lock cylinder that was removed from cable-tv distribution box, from a metropolitan area somewhere in the Former United States. By itself stealing cable-tv probably does not qualify as "strange", but I think keeping junk like this does.

They also had these funny little impedance matching terminators, tube shaped connectors, that were really hard to remove. Presumably there was some special tool for that made that easier. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the terminators. I mean those little things would be a nifty memento too, if I could remember what I did with them.
andybuda (author)  Jack A Lopez6 years ago
did you get the key aswell, hope you did other wise the lock is no use to any1
dose any one ever check the box?
dont know how... if you can take the thing apart and remove the teeth and put the thing back any key would fit.

any way that a mighty fine steal but a 20ft shipping container and flashing light under the jumpers

oh i pinched a crayon the other day. i only wanted one colour
Yeah.  That lock is of no use to anyone. Purely a memento.  I don't have the key, although originally that was the intention:  to make a key from this lock, with the fond (vain) hope that *with that key* I'd be able to open any cable box in the city. 

I took it to a locksmith shop, in that city, but I think the person I talked to might have recognized the lock. The first thing he asked me was, "Is this from a cable box?"

To which I untruthfully replied, "Uh... No.  It's from a filing cabinet."

Anyway, he said this lock was foreign, or exotic, or something.  He said they did not have key blanks, or whatever equipment needed to make a key for it.  And the darned thing is I moved from that city like 10 years ago.  In any case there is no guarantee as to the sort of "scope" that key would have had anyway.  It might have just worked on locks on cable boxes for that block, or that building.

Regarding the crayon.  You wanted it for a picture in one of your coloring books, right?  I know.  It just had to be just  that color.  The pursuit of Art, in various forms, you know,  the voice of the muse, it can be very compelling.
"Former United States"

lol the truth kinda hurts :(
AndyGadget6 years ago
A flashing roadworks light, and cycled home with it stuck up my jumper, still flashing.
andybuda (author)  AndyGadget6 years ago
top one. like your style.
A 20 foot shipping container.
Wow! Did anyone notice that one had gone missing?
It was waiting for me on the site next to me at work, but round a corner - who would have thought they'd steal it from a locked, fenced site.

I'm not sure I'm following what you're saying.  Was it your shipping container that was stolen from you?  And also that the perps did not get very far with it, i.e. it was only only moved like a block, or so,  from its previous resting place? 
Yes, I'd bought it from the "yard sale" next door, when the company shut down. It was over the fence, in a locked yard.

Is it possible the shipping company simply did the convenient thing and dropped it where it was the easiest for them to do so?
andybuda (author) 6 years ago
iv pinched bricks to make a wall with.
and 10ft piece of gas pipe on a drunken night out, didnt even remember doing that 1 till i opened the front door in the morning.
20 ft shipping container wow. now that was planed.
i remember the 1st thing i pinched was a little toy car from play group when i was about 3 yr and had the thing on a shelf for years till i moved house and it vanished think someone pinched it of me.
ARJOON6 years ago
3 fans' blades from my classroom for a wind turbine project a home.
also some bolts and nuts from tables in class
orksecurity6 years ago
Probably the strangest thing I've pinched would be one of my girlfriends. Or myself, more likely.
seandogue6 years ago
A heart

lemonie6 years ago

The SHIFT and CAPS-LOCK keys from your keyboard, this morning, at the end of a drunked-night out.

aeray lemonie6 years ago
The apostrophe as well. Sneaky.