whats wrong with my rockbanb 2 drum pedal?

ok i got rock band bout a week ago i love it and i just triend to play drums and the foot pedal wont work and yes its pluged in and no its not broken plz help!

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DarkVolt8 years ago
Threaten it with a hammer. Works every time. (Works with computers, cars, phones, lights and family members.)
knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)  DarkVolt8 years ago
the last one works with a hammer but all the others dont
Well you're not theatening hard enough!
Lemon-Duck8 years ago
Nyko makes great rock band drum pedals :P
Lemon-Duck8 years ago
I heard rockband drum pedals weren't that great. Just get a new one :P
mclovin75968 years ago
its telling you to get a life and if it dont work its broken dumbshit