when a woman is pregnant with twins is there two umbilical cords?

my mom is pregnant with twins and my youngest brother asked me if she has two umbilical cords. 

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paganwonder7 years ago
Mother/Baby RN speaking here-  more than likely 2 cords (there are VERY rare exceptions)  but there may only be one placenta.   It depends on the type of twinning.  Probably there are 2 placentas but maybe not.
Of course there are. The umbilical is the only way the baby gets food and oxygen. BOTH must have them: Alternatively, how many twins have you seen with no navel ?


2 Belly Buttons = 2 Umbilical Cords
Re-design7 years ago
I have it on good authority, my niece is a delivery room nurse, that each baby has his own umbilical cord.  Except in the case of conjoined twins and they may or may not have two.
cj814997 years ago
i dont think so