where abouts do i grease on a bike?

ive got some blue mobil 1 grease but i dont know where to put it on my rebok bike

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Phil B8 years ago
Fresh motor oil is better than grease on a chain. Drip plenty of oil onto the chain over its entire length. Spin the pedals backwards a few turns to work the oil in. Then hold a paper towel on the chain and spin it backwards some more. The fresh oil floats the grit to the surface where the paper towel can take it away. I tried cleaning chains with solvent, drying them, and then lubricating them. They last just as long either way and what I described above is a lot faster. Grease is good if you are repacking ball bearings on the bottom bracket, the wheel bearings, and an older headset. But, a container will last decades.
NX138 years ago
Get some wd40 and spray it on any of the moving parts. like the axels of the wheels the chain etc.
Bert998 years ago
on the chain
sharlston (author)  Bert998 years ago
where on the chain ND HOW
All over the chain
Put a bit in a paper towel and use it to grease the chain. :)