where can I buy sulfur?

pure sulfur and please dont say an internet source i cant buy it of the internet say the hardware store or the drug store or something thank you

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EvgeniyL322 days ago
SimonB11 year ago

Sulphur can be obtained over the counter at the chemist, for indigestion, eczema, asthma

It is used as a soil treatment and can be bought at a garden center.

Also pet supply stores may sell it as a treatment for birds.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a controlled substance. Neither are the other ingredients for black powder.

In fact, you can buy everything you need to make pretty pyrotechnics from auschems.com - I make my own rocket engines from chemicals I buy from them.

I get 90% sulfur from a fertilizer warehouse. 50-lb bags for around $20.

Dudadiesel sells nearly sulfur for a little over twice that.

eBay has it in smaller quantities.

Gardening supply stores have small bags of it.

What?  You mean you don't have a volcano in you back yard?
Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Kawah_Ijen_-East_Java_-Indonesia_-sulphur-31July2009.jpg
LOL hilarious thing is that i've been to east java, and I have sulphur from there...
Wow! That's neat. So I guess you brought back a couple basketfuls, just like the guy in the picture.
I meant, "your back yard".  Dang typos.  Seriously though, kid, the last place-time I remember seeing sulfur in a retail establishment was at a garden center, years ago. 

What is a "garden center", you ask?  It's a place that sells living plants, and plant accessories. Um... here:

I think it, sulfur,  is used (in the gardening context) in powdered form (aka "flowers of sulfur") for dusting plants to deter insects from eating them.

BTW, if anyone asks what you want it for, you should say that someone put a voodoo curse on you, and the sulfur is needed for a reverse-voodoo ritual for the purpose of lifting the curse.  Then when the clerk is staring at you with wide-eyes and jaw falling towards the floor, ask him or her, using your best impression of straight-faced, deadpan, seriousness,  if he or she also knows where you can find a live chicken.
Roflcopter! Soi soi soi soi soi....
Thanks. I try to provide answers that are entertaining, as well as informative, and even if I don't succeed at either of these goals, at least I have fun doing it. Heh.
gomerk5304 years ago
I get mine from a chemical supply store near where i live, 4 pound bags for $14.95. I buy potassium Nitrate in the form of Spectracide stump remover (i looked at the msds, it is %100)
octavian2344 years ago
I went to loews and its callled Lilly Miller garden sulfur dust. its 90% sulfur 10% anti-caking agent http://www.lowes.com/pd_188825-1321-9605060_0__?productId=3083079&Ntt=sulfur&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl__0__s%3FNtt%3Dsulfur
icubsn5 years ago
i bought my sulfur and potassium nitrate off the internet. No problem. Sure I probably have an FBI file now but i am not doing anything illegal. Just trying to make cheaper black powder for hunting.
fiive5 years ago
Try the gun store in churubusco,near or out of Wheat Field(near Thresher Run).
Johenix6 years ago
How much do you want?
Try E-Bay.
Look in pharmacies for 4 or 8 oz bottles of "Flour of Sulphur" or "Precipitated Sulphur". Locally (Central Minnesota, USA) it is on open shelves.
lemonie6 years ago
If you can't but off the internet or any store, you are a bit "knackered". However, you could go to an appropriate area of volcanic activity and collect some. Holiday in Hawaii?

JimFlo6 years ago
I used to buy 5 pound bags from gardening and landscaping sources. It also keeps a lot of biting bugs out of your lawn if you sprinkle it on the grass.
You might ask at your local pharmacy. They're probably gonna want to know why you want it, though.