where can I find a power supply which has a 12 volts and 3 amperes output?

I am looking for a simple circuit diagram and the name of the devices to be bought

AndyGadget7 years ago
Unless you really want to build it,it would be much easier to buy one and concentrate on building the interesting bits..
Many monitors use a 12V PSU such as THIS. (£6:49 is $10.)
Don't worry about the current rating as long as it's 3A or over.  Your circuit will only take what it needs.
ARJOON7 years ago
yeah yeah. re-design is good on. search for plasmana and look for his 'tible. it show how to do so for practically nothing
Re-design7 years ago
You can build one.

Or you could buy one.  Radio shack has one.  Many surplus stores on the internet will have them.  You might find one on some old equipment.  My old printer has a 12 volt,4.5 amp supply.
Also, just thought of this, you could build one out of an old computer power supply using one of the many instructables available.