where can I get the fabric that is, basically, the 'soft side' of velcro?

  Looking to make an adjustable partition for a bag to use my camera in and I haven't been able to find this fabric and don't know what it's called?

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ChrysN6 years ago
It is called Veltex fabric. Here are a few links.


You can also Google it.
TerriblyC1 year ago

This web-site look to be the most promising so far just in case someone else is looking for this information in the future, like myself.


Kimitino (author) 6 years ago
I have also discovered that the ''loopier'' kind of microfiber fabric will work! Thanks for all the replies!
Chrislee6 years ago
By the yard? Try velvet or terry cloth.
onrust6 years ago
Its both parts and not cheap though. Figure out who uses it in bulk like this and hit them up for scraps.
Kimitino (author)  onrust6 years ago
To all the answers, so far (and any future 'answer-ers") Thanks for your help!
But I guess I didn't make myself very clear : /
What I am looking for is FABRIC that you can use to line a bag or box and then place partitions (with the "hook side'' of hook & loop tape attached to the partitions) ANYWHERE in that bag/box to divide it. I don't really want to use the loop tape and sew/glue it all over my project.
I know this kind of thing is out there, because I have a camera bag that is is lined with this stuff. I just don't know what it is called or where to get it. Any help is appreciated!
BTW - I live in the Chicago area
orksecurity6 years ago
Note that velcro hooks will stick to many loosely-looped-carpeting-like fabrics. The official stuff may last longer and stick more strongly, but in a pinch you might want to just see what you've got on hand that might work.
rickharris6 years ago
You don't say where in the world you are but http://rapidonline.com sell both hooks and the soft side separately.
Velcro is a trade name like Kleanex. It's actually called hook and loop fastener. You can find it in most fabric stores like JoAnn's or or hobby stores like Michaels. You should also be able to find it in the fabric section at Walmart or even in hardware stores like Ace/True Value.
. The soft side is usually the loop side