where can I purchase components from a reliable dealer?

I need a list of well know and reliable component and part dealers(solenoids)  not some mom and pop shop from china 

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AndyGadget7 years ago
I've used Farnell on many occasions with no problems - They're one of the largest worldwide distributors with an enormous stock range.
The filter screens are especially useful as they allow you to narrow down the search to your exact requirements. I can't link directly to a search, but type 'solenoid' into the search box, select the solenoids section and then home in on the voltage / current etc you want with the checkboxes. (Click 'in stock items only' as well.)
Maroc (author) 7 years ago
I'll try to clear up some confusion for which I am to blame.

1. I am looking for a list of reliable websites from which I can purchase solenoids.
2. I have no issue with Chinese produced components.
3. I have not as of yet fried any components do to power overloading as I simply don't have any.
4. I am trying to avoid places that have little to no know reputation or none at all or are just a scam to steal credit card info.
5.If you have had good experiences with A certain company whether by mail or the internet post it.
blkhawk7 years ago


I bought components from these places and I have been very satisfied.
Maroc (author)  blkhawk7 years ago
unfortunately I need solenoids from a project that I am working on
Re-design7 years ago
Digikey is great. but i've not had any problems with what I've gotten from China. Maybe you're just overloading the component and you can't blame the mfg. for that.

Well, I guess I'm not getting best answer on this one.
Maroc (author)  Re-design7 years ago
there is no part as of yet and no big deal
Maroc (author) 7 years ago
any online sites? then its less geographical location and more reputation. P.S. USA
Once again, it depends where you are in the world.
lemonie7 years ago

What do you want specifically, and do you have an absolute-objection to components made in the far-east?

Maroc (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I need some small solenoids and nope no issue with the far east just as long as they deliver and they don't break after five tests