where can I source some activated carbon for a project like this?

I just want to make a little fume extractor, and every web search pulls up all commercial stuff ack

randofo9 years ago
I am not sure what project you are referring to, but have you seen the improvised gas mask?

From the comments on that project:

nickademuss says:
you could also get activated charcoal from your pet shop, its used in the water filters, you may need to smash it a bit to make it pack in closer to your filter. I would also recommend, sealing off your filter when not in use, it will keep absorbing contaminants in the air just sitting around. Interesting idea....
itsme_bernie (author) 8 years ago
Thanks for your answers guys... The project us a fume extractor, for soldering.. For $9.00 I actually went to Graingers (whoops, forgot I have account there!) , who sell 24inch square sheets of it for air filtering!!! I was happily surprised. I am sure I will have to squeeze it together to filter more completely Thanks!! I love this Instructables site!!!!
iPodGuy8 years ago
You should be able to get it from a pet store, since it's used with aquariums. If not, smash open a Brita (or other brand) water filter.