where can i buy LEDs in dubai (not online)?

there are alote of cool instructables about LEDs but i cant go internet shopping. and i cant find any shop that sells LEDs in dubai

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ahmad2117 (author) 7 years ago


Davidcf7 months ago

Popular Electronics

Street 1b, Deira

Near the clock tower

They have arduino kits and a lot of electronic kits and robot kits from Thailand

spirit x2 years ago

which city center

deira city centre has a radioshack store in the ground floor

spirit x2 years ago

where can i buy arduino in sharjah or dubai

pls reply

WRX STI5 years ago
Hi Ahmed
If you are still searching for LEDs I can help you.
I live in Dubai, I am a Mechatronics Engineer, I am inrested in electronics and DIY stuff.
I know many shops that sells electronic components (LEDs, cappacitors, risitrors, ICs...etc) cheaper than RADIO SHACK.
one good shop is "Popular electronics" 042623882
If you want more shops I will be happy to help you.
Would you please give me addresses for these shops?
1. RS
is a good shop that has almost any part you need but expensive and takes a long time to revieve the part
Location: in Sheikh Zayed Road near Mazaya center
contacts and address can be found here: http://ae.rsdelivers.com/companyinfo/contactus.aspx

2. Al Mejdaf
A good shop, not expensive, no much parts
Location: Al Karama
website: www.mejdaf.com/

3. Popular Electronic
Good shop, many components, good price, they even have an engineer that can do some projects for you!!
Location: many branches the one I visit usually is in Al Muteena Road (more details can be foun in the website)
Website: http://www.popularelectronic.com/

4. Winner Electronics
Good shop, many parts, very good price!
Location: Shop No. 5 Paresol Hotel Building Naif Road, P.O.Box 21967 Opp. West Hotel Deira Dubai (UAE)
Tel:+97142282482 tel: +97142272047, Fax: +97142272049, Mobile: +971509626086 (Aslam)

And you will find many many shops specialized in electronics around that shop "Winner Electronics" where you can find PID controller, LCDs, transformers, programmers, sound systems and many many more.
I hope this will help you
Thanks a lot.

Jazak allah khair.
There is also brainlab360.com

they have everything from Arduino to some kits. Last I checked their website was under redesign I am not sure if it is up now.
instme3445 years ago
You would try www.vozop.com They are pretty good.
demitri7 years ago

soldering iron can be bought at Ace hardware or carrefours. LEDs and all other types of components can be bought from "RS", on sheik zayed road. get their location from www.rsuae.com or call them on 3433444
lemonie7 years ago
I had a long look and couldn't find anything. See if you can pick up an old stereo system (preferably discarded & at no cost) - they usually have a few LEDs and other useful bits in them.

ahmad2117 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
all the LED's are soldered on but I dont know how to un-slodier

and I dont have a soldering iron
You should get a soldering-iron, it will be useful when you're doing things with LEDs. What you need to do is melt the solder ~250oC should do it, and pull the components off. A piece of metal, like a big screwdriver heated on a stove will work (but this may soften the tool so think about what you're using) apply to the soldered-joints firmly & pull.


ahmad2117 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
so your saying that i could get a screwdriver heated to 250 degreesC and use it to unsolder LEDs

could i use it as a soldering iron
You couldn't use it as a soldering-iron, but it might do the gob of getting components off a PCB. A soldering-iron would be best of course.

Johenix7 years ago
Do you have a bank account? PayPal will accept fund transfers from banks.

Here in America we have pre paid credit (debit) cards that are sold at stores (WalMart and Walgreen's Pharmacies for example).
Also look at kids candies. Some clear sugar candies light up-They have a non soldered LED and batteries inside.

What tools do you have?

Glad to hear that this group is not just Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea.   

ahmad2117 (author)  Johenix7 years ago
im interested

name what kind of kid candy
ahmad2117 (author)  Johenix7 years ago
i dont have a bank account so idont have a credit card so i cant internet shop

i dont know where to buy an soldering iron

i cant find any DIY shop
J@50n7 years ago
 Depends where you live. Me in the U.S. will be way different if you live in the, lets say.... U.K.
ahmad2117 (author)  J@50n7 years ago
i live in the middle east,u.a.e,Dubai

and its very diffrent I cant find even one shop that sells LED's
why can't you internet shop?
ahmad2117 (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox7 years ago
i dont have a credit card
u can get prepaid debit card for cash at grocery stores and such