where can i buy picaxe in india?

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sd_jana7 years ago
Try www.hobby2go.com for PICAXE in India
Nope, you don't get it in India.

 By the way, which city do you live in?
arun.fifa (author)  Smokedasphalt7 years ago
robokits.co.in/ try this ..its an indian site 
I know that site too! It seems to be pretty good. Just a little expensive because i buy my parts locally.
Haven't actually ordered from there.
Tell me more about the kit u ordered. How much is it for?
arun.fifa (author)  Smokedasphalt7 years ago
 500 0 .but ill get it only after me boards r over cause im in 10th so....
arun.fifa (author)  Smokedasphalt7 years ago
www.rev-ed.co.uk/picaxe/ try this site.....whats ur age by the way
I know that website. But they do not have distributors in India!
I'm 18. You?
arun.fifa (author)  Smokedasphalt7 years ago
 im 15 ...and it seems radio shack is the only website that has worldwide shipping....but im just using a robotic kit ..i ordered it from bombay..and it is something like lego mindstorm...... its easier to build and after i finish ..i just rip the whole thing and take out the parts and so on......
arun.fifa (author)  Smokedasphalt7 years ago
 i guess u r also from india ,anyway im from coimbatore ..u

arun.fifa (author)  Smokedasphalt7 years ago
 ur actually in india .... it seem u can gets this parts ..my dad friends is a electronic engineer and he says u get it in chennia 
The Picaxe is known to be rare out here. Nobody uses them anymore, i guess.
Why not use the normal PICs or AVRs?? They're very common n cheap!
arun.fifa (author)  Smokedasphalt7 years ago
 pic ... r they as good as picaxe?
I do not know. I use the ATmegas for my work. And also the arduino!
Re-design7 years ago
Don't they have hardware stores in India?
arun.fifa (author)  Re-design7 years ago
 they do...but u cant buy parts alone......only the whole hardware
Also, asking the question more than once is not going to make people answer it faster or better.
I came here to say that then I found an answer :(
You're being nice again. Stop it.
Shut up!

Jayefuu7 years ago

You might have more luck asking here.