where can i buy sulfur powder

sulfur powder

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Kiteman1 year ago

ebay, pharmacies, gardening shop.

can minors buy it too

As long as you give them an innocent reason for buying it, it should be OK.

Mention gunpowder, explosives or rocketry and they won't sell you a gram.

bwrussell1 year ago

Wherever you find it, be careful with that black power, you hear?

This must be a typo. Sulfur is an ingredient in black powder, amirite?

Haha, yep. Thank you autocorrect. Although like powder, power should also be used responsibly. RIP Uncle Ben.

Yeah, I felt bad for Spiderman's Uncle Ben. It was like he died just to provide a poignant memory. Almost the exact same thing happened to Batman's parents. Very sad.

There must be great power in alcohol too, because people keep telling me I should drink it responsibly.

Might have been right the first time!

verence1 year ago

Chemists, if you are willing to pay more and/or need pure stuff.

rickharris1 year ago

Pretty much any garden shop.

Feed mill or farm supply