where can i buy wholesale airsoft guns for 50-60% off retail price?

 im opening an airsoft store and i need a distributer. i need one thet sells airsoft guns for 50-60% off the retail price. please answer.

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alindgren16 years ago
chopstx7 years ago
Jag Precision is good, can I please have the best answer?
GianniMora (author)  chopstx7 years ago
why would i give u the best answer i already said that... but i will give it to u if u can tell me how mmuch they charge 
About half off of most other stores like kapowwe and airsplat.
GianniMora (author)  chopstx7 years ago
acctually no... and kappowwe and airsplat suck.

GianniMora (author) 8 years ago
nevermind... i found jag precision