where can i find a 8 digit 14 segment display like the one used in instructable "love box"?

i have been searching low and high for it.  does it have to be 8 digit? What will i have to change if it is a 13 or 14 digit display?

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Grathio7 years ago
Could you provide a link to the Instructable? I did a search for "love box" and nothing matching your question showed up on the first few pages.

I believe it might be this one.

I found a display that matched but it was an lcd display not an led.  Wouldn't be as pretty.
Thanks for the link. The one in the photos is kind of hard to see, but it looks like a vintage one from an old calculator. (Small digits with lenses over the numbers). These haven't been common since the mid 70's, so it's almost certainly surplus from then. In fact there might not be any new ones any more. You could try salvaging one from an old calculator like this.  You can sometimes find them on ebay.
I used to have a calculator almost exactly like that one and the display that I took out of it looked exactly like the one used in the inst.
frollard7 years ago
You could use individual, or ganged 2 4 or 8 digit displays... Usually the smaller ones are easier to find.