where can i find bakugan at a discount?

i collect bakugan now! but its a little expensive at stores(target is the only place by my house that carries them). Where can i find really cheap ones>

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bounty10128 years ago
dear< builder968 Dude they are all expensve and a waste of money (no offense) but your best bet is ebay. You can hand pick them and they are like $3.50 a pop. WARNING: BAKUGAN WILL GROW OLD ON YOU SOON AND YOU~LL LOOK BACK AND SAY" WHY DID I BUY THIS CRAP?" Yours cooly< Mozilla Firefoxgamma :D
Furloy7 years ago
you dont, bakugan is bullshit nerd
builder968 (author)  Furloy7 years ago
Go **** yourself.
me? im confused. if you are getting these as a gift to someone then im sorry and if they like bakgan its not mmy problem im gonna forget this so dont reply unless it is nice
if you want a really good guide towards the best deals!! Not another cookie cutter "bakugan" site...
randomhat8 years ago
builder968 (author)  randomhat8 years ago
thats more expensive.
Well, I im not a fan of bakugan, But, you can get them at toys'r'us for 8.00$ (I know cause I had to buy my cousin one once) and at target there like 10.00$ You could probably buy them at your local toy store for less, though.
builder968 (author)  happybirthday8 years ago
hmmm.... single pack or 3 pack.
single i tink
builder968 (author)  happybirthday8 years ago
hmmmmmm... thats pretty expensive. ill just go to my target.
How much at your target?
builder968 (author)  happybirthday8 years ago
Oh, Have you tried amazon.com?
fidgety28 years ago
the simple answer is counterfitting but that might be difficult an laborous