where can i get SPDT switch lever?

this robot is very interesting and I want to make it

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plumber_bob8 years ago
Have you checked an auto parts store? Just tell them you want SPDT dash mount toggle switch. Radio Shack might have them also. Also look for one, (still in it's original contraption), at , yard sales, flea markets, or if you can, go to a 'Ham Fest'! Anything around the home that you can dismantle? Many old appliances, toys, gadgets and such, have theses kind of switches, they may not look like what you are expecting tho. Anyway I hope I gave you some Ideas. Good luck
Tharitha8 years ago
Solarobotics or Radioshack
gmxx8 years ago
I have personally never seen a spdt lever switch... You could use two spst levers, and tie the common ground or the common power together...
SPDT ? About the most standard switch you can get ! Steve
i was thinking of a different layout of the switchswitch... the spdt with the center pin as a common ground/positive. (like this: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062532) and i was thinking... with levers?

anyways... Try radioshack.
lemonie8 years ago
Single Pole, Double Throw switch?
Not hard to find - old electronic devices often have them.
Otherwise I'd go with plumber_bob if you need the lever-type.