where can i get a bullet proof vest like the one below?

requirements for the vest:
- i want it just like the one below
-has the FBI label on it (optional)
-has to be real and functional
     thanks for your answers

Picture of where can i get a bullet proof vest like the one below?
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If it's for a prop, just buy the vest(with no ballistic inserts). It should be super cheap.
m5industriesinc (author)  JamesRPatrick6 years ago
where would i get one like that tho
m5industriesinc (author)  JamesRPatrick6 years ago
thank you this is most helpful
m5industriesinc (author) 6 years ago
I GOT ONE !!!!!!

Will you please tell me were you got it from? :)

ashannon16 years ago
you could do like Castle, and put a Velcro tag on it with you profession, or maybe your name
seandogue6 years ago
Perhaps Hollywood is selling off old wardrobe?
m5industriesinc (author)  seandogue6 years ago
where would i find one too purchase tho.....????????????
go to somthing like a army/navy store.
the one i go to sells them 50 bucks each, and they are HEAVY
m5industriesinc (author) 6 years ago
that is false
You're right. I should have dug a little deeper. It is illegal to own body armor in Michigan if you have been convicted of a violent felony, and if you wear it while committing a violent crime your sentence will be "enhanced" severely. My bad.
m5industriesinc (author)  aeray6 years ago
well i have relatives that are cops so it doesn't look like ill be committing any crimes
Cops, and their relatives, commit crimes as often as the rest of the populace does, I'll bet. What do you need a vest for anyway?
m5industriesinc (author)  aeray6 years ago
a prop but mostly to have one to get in spirit while watching criminal minds
I suspect wearing one with FBI on it is illegal if you ain't FBI.
m5industriesinc (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
well i don't need it with FBI on it it just has to be a real vest........you know what i mean?
Have you googled bullet proof vest?

I got a hit on my first try (actually many, but...
m5industriesinc (author)  seandogue6 years ago
yes but i didn't get much...i got close to nothing....the problem is money right now
Ok, then I'll turn to this. Why do you need a bullet proof vest?

If you're in danger of being shot, you're either a law enforcement officer, in which case it's paid for, a rich person, in which case you should be paying for it, a criminal, in which case you should be paying for it (and frankly, I'd rather not help if that's the case), or you're living in an area in which gunfights are common enough that you should do everything in your power to leave the area.

The harsh bottom line is that bullet proof vests are expensive. For those of us who aren't rich, aren't criminals, and who are living in danger, the options are to hide behind brick walls, leave the area in which our lives are endangered, or pray that we get lucky.

If your life has actually been threatened by someone, I'd seriously consider reaching out to the authorities. It may not be a guarantee, but it's a better chance than wishing.

Best of luck

PS> I'd like to add that when I first moved into my home back in 1991, I found two 38 caliper bullets lodged in one of my bedrooms. Turns out some yahoo on crack a few houses away (who had since been arrested and left the area), had been out back of his house and was firing his gun at my house. Had to replace four windows and do some patching on the wall and ceiling in that bedroom. The neighborhood was tottering during the later 1980s but fortunately mostly recovered.

Anyway...following that, I caught another neighbor shooting squirrels with a 22 rifle and called the cops on the jerk. He reluctantly stopped and eventually moved. I'm not talking the country, I'm talking an inner ring suburb with 50x120ft lots. He could have killed me, my then wife, or either of my pet cats. And frankly, the squirrels aren't up for murder either. I've been here my whole life and we don't kill squirrels because they dig little holes in the lawn.
(rant mode off)
m5industriesinc (author)  seandogue6 years ago
well i need it for a prop but i want it to be real.
If it's a prop, it doesn't need to be real. However, if you don't know anyone who can sew one together (using black gortex or similar with velcro closures) I get the problem. Maybe you can find something similar at a nearly new shop (similar in look in a jacket) then alter it.
NachoMahma6 years ago
.  It's hard to believe, but if one plugs "where can i get a bullet proof vest" into Google, a lot of neat stuff shows up. Don't forget to click the "Search" button or nothing will happen.
Google Instant.
aeray6 years ago