where can i get a free car (it dosnt have to run)?

My cousin lost his house (the economy) and im trying to raise money to try to get him an apartment so im doing a car bash and a car wash. 

lemonie8 years ago
Look in free-ads in local papers, preferably free-papers, for folks who have cars they'll give away (because as ork' points out it'd cost them otherwise).
Drain everything, remove the battery, and be sure to have a scrap-dealer agree to take it off your hands afterwards. Check your location - you'll be leaving some broken-glass and "drips" - don't get prosecuted for polluting your local environment.

orksecurity8 years ago
One thing to be aware of: Used motor oil is classified as a Hazardous Material. That means just about everything on a car can be considered a HazMat. That means that if you arrange the car bash, you're accepting responsibility for finding and disposing of all the pieces properly. Which may cost you more than the fundraiser takes in.

Understand all your costs before you start.
Doctor What8 years ago
 Try craigslist.org, the free section, or your local junkyard.  

I saw two dead cars in the past week on the craigslist free section, in my home town.

Also, I'm not sure about free, but if you explained to a junkyard (or someone who removes abandoned vehicles from properties) that you are trying to raise money by having a car bash, they might give you one.  It's worth a shot.
Dr.Bill8 years ago
You might try the Mormon Church. Talk to the local Bishop they are acessable. It worked for me one time.