where can i get a orignal knex coaster/ big gray motor?

ive seen the ibles but they use the big gray motor i was wordin if some one could give me a link? also i was wordin bout where i can get a orginal knex coaster

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littleebay8 years ago
wearabouts do you live , if in the uk then you can get one from knex user group . com , it costs £17.19, hope this helps
Sorry. The big gray motor is called the All Terrain Trekker, but is now discontinued for no reason. It has two speeds and works on 4 AA batteries. You must search on eBay or somewhere else. I was lucky I got 2 motors 3 months ago for only 14$!
An Villain8 years ago
they are not just grey they also come in green blue and i think black
no those are different(rpms) and smaller
You can buy it directly off knex.com for about $15 (Just the motor)
are you sure i cant find one on knex.com
Im pretty sure its there...

Here it is!

yes but not the one im looking for cick the link that owen-mod-82397 give
Owenmon8 years ago
knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)  Owenmon8 years ago
ok i will keep my eye out
DrWeird1178 years ago
yes that set is what im looking for but im not want ebay this time
Not too sure about anywhere else. They're discontinued.