where can i get a step-down transformer which can convert 12v 12.5amps to 2v 75 amp?

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You may have to either wind your own, or get someone to make it for you.

Its only 150 VA, so its not too specialised - the ones I specify are 400 V primary, 36 V 225 A secondary - they're special !

Sounds like the tx before the rectifier on a xenon arc bulb for a movie theatre! Big power!
8KVA ! A graphite furnace driver - runs up to 1800C on a good day.
ironically similar -- projectors used to use carbon arc, but then technology got good enough to have a not-quite-so-consumable arc light source...a single large cinema uses 5-15kVA, a sixteenplex uses enough energy to run a large community :D
iceng5 years ago
Like Steve said, I have never com in contact with such a transformer.
The only way I can see is to buy a 12V 12A XFMR  from Radio Shack or other source and rewind the unit.
You are talking AC 50 or 60 Hz :-)